The undergraduate study of the Illustration course enables the student to acquire knowledge of visual thinking to perform independent work in all areas of public life in which the illustration itself can carry the solution of communication or is an important subject of the whole visual communication. Students acquire general knowledge which is upgraded in difficulty levels in the senior years up to the sixth semester. In the last semester, students complete their studies with a more demanding project, which requires and contains multi-layered knowledge in the field of illustration with the help of a detailed content analysis.

The second cycle study programme is based on the student's independent work and the deepening of the acquired knowledge. Theoretical and practical study of the best illustrator (surplus) surpluses in the world is the basis for the student to explore personal creative abilities in the field of illustration. Students acquire the knowledge of visual thinking to allow them to perform independent work in the direction of innovation, thorough conceptualisation of the most demanding tasks, teamwork through understanding interdisciplinarity and the nurturing of their own aesthetic culture and critical responsibility for global content.

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