We ended the academic year 2020/21 with an internal review of the study works created by 12 students carried out by the Academy of Fine Arts and Design within the first and second level study programs in fine arts, design and restoration. For this academic year as well, we can say that the work process was strongly impacted by the epidemic; it connected us more strongly in the examinations, but at the same time it also distanced us. The message that has only been confirmed this year is that art production needs a quality space for its work, a space of interactions, a space that allows us to use all five senses.
For this year's second virtual exhibition in a row, we decided to reduce the multitude of works and products, the results of searches and research in art, which were created in difficult study conditions. We present only the most interesting results created within the study. The role of selector was taken over by mentors and heads of study fields, as they know best the development and progress of individual students, but study and professional art practice differ from each other. Through this funnel, works have flowed into the digital world, some of which would not otherwise exist on that platform because their natural environment is elsewhere, whereas for others the internet is their home space. Nonetheless, the selection shows how productively, creatively and successfully the students came through this unusual year, despite the many challenges they faced, not the least of which was the nature of the studies they undertook during the (pandemic) epidemic.

Assoc. Prof. Lucija Močnik Ramovš, MA, dean

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Identity and online exhibition design: Ema Kapelj
Design mentoring: Asst. Prof. Emil Kozole
Content organisation: Jure Grom
Concept: Prof. Dr. Uršula Berlot Pompe, Asst. Prof. Tomaž Furlan, Asst. Prof. Dr. Petja Grafenauer, Asst. Prof. Primož Jeza, Prof. Žiga Kariž, MA, Prof. Zmago Lenárdič
Organisation team: UL ALUO